TOEFL iBT Practice Test 1

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The speaking test consists of six tasks.


Tasks 1 and 2 ask you to discuss situations that should be familiar to you.


For Tasks 3 and 4, you will first read a short text.  Then you will hear a brief conversation about each topic.  You will then be asked questions about each topic.


For Tasks 5 and 6, you will listen to brief talks on academic topics.  You will then be asked questions about the talks.


Each screen will show how much time you have to prepare your response, and how much time you have to speak.  You should speak out loud for each task, watching your clock, in order to practice for the actual examination.


When you have finished speaking, click on the button at the top right-hand corner of each screen to hear an example of an excellent, high-level student response.  


The texts for the example responses are also given when the sound recordings are playing. You should study these texts carefully, especially noting the vocabulary and idioms that the student has used.

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